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Nyjer(thistle) Feeder Care

Check nyjer(thistle) feeders frequently as any continuous moisture will clog port holes. Fresh seed is essential to finch feeding. We carry long brushes as well as the new quick release bottoms on tube feeders which will help you with filling and cleaning. 
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Caring for Bird Baths in the Winter

Water is a vital resource in the daily life of birds. While birdbaths provide this source from the spring through the fall seasons not all birdbaths are suitable for the winter season. Heated birdbaths will help attract birds throughout the frozen season to not only provide a drinking source but a bathing source. Why would a bird need to bath in the winter? When a birds feathers are dirty they do not insulate effectively. There are two approaches to heated setup of birdbaths; a dish with a built in heater or adding a heater to an existing birdbath. Most of the heaters have thermostats built in to hep conserve energy by on turning on when needed. Clay, ceramic, and cement feeders are not ideal for winter use due to the high risk of cracking in the freezing weather. Plastic and metal birdbaths can tolerate the freezing temperatures and with added heating elements can create an inviting environment for birds all winter long!