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Show Off Your Team Spirit!

The Wild Bird Shoppe is less than a mile from Purdue University in West Lafayette. We’re proud of our Boilers, and know you are too! Boiler up with unique Purdue-themed yard accessories – and don’t forget to stop in to see special seasonal or limited-time Purdue items.

Purdue Flags

Show your colors in the garden with a Purdue garden flag. Is there anything that says school spirit like a team flag snapping in the breeze? Show your colors in the garden with a Purdue garden flag.

Purdue Cutting Board

Every kitchen needs a cutting board. Come in today to pick up your very own Purdue themed cutting board.Read more


A must have for every auto cupholder. These standard size absorbent coasters fit most auto cupholders. Stylish and functional. Absorbs drips and spills. Easily cleaned. Stop in and get yours today.

Team Sports Colored Bird Feeders

These bird feeders are painted in your team’s colors. Get a black and gold bird feeder to show your backyard birds that they’re in boiler country. 

Painted bird feeders are also available in other colors; the IU red and white is another popular choice locally, for those bird lovers who are a bit further from home.